Host a Dark Dining Room Concert:

If you are looking to host a Dark Dining Room house concert in your space, email Most people have never hosted a house concert before. Feel free to bombard us with questions about number of guests, sound level, parking, food, etc. The great thing about these shows is that they can always be tailored to your specific space or wishes. We’ll do our best to guide you through the process. It’s a lot of fun!

Artist Booking:

Because we are not a regular concert venue, we need to coordinate dates/locations/logistics for each and every show. We keep our eyes and ears open, and have a good list of artists/bands who we think would work great for a Dark Dining Room show. Much of the time, we hear about other musicians through people who have attended or performed at a previous Dark Dining Room show.

For future consideration, send some info to Include any other musicians whom you think would be a good fit for your music. Better yet– tell us how you’re connected to any of the past Dark Dining Room performers or attendees and how you heard of us. We can’t often respond until we know who might be able to host the show. Sometimes that takes weeks, months, or years.


For press inquiries, email Matthew would love to share the story of how this all got started.