Attend a show

Interested in attending a Dark Dining Room show? Grab the ticket code from one of our emails, and head to Eventbrite to purchase your ticket.

1. Be in the moment.

Listen attentively. Forget you own a cell phone. Each act usually performs for 30-45 minutes, and there’s a 15 minute break in between to do things like mingle, make/take a call (this goes for texting too if you can help it), grab a drink or a bite to eat, etc. The idea of these shows is to try to be ‘in the moment’ as much as possible. The fewer distractions the better. Try and arrive on time and stay for the whole evening if you can help it. Sit back and relax.

2. Support the performers. Bring some cash.

Hosts typically volunteer the space for the show and musicians sometimes travel from quite far away to perform for you. They deserve some financial support. Try and be as generous as you can be. Support their art. If they have a CD and/or other merchandise, buy it. You won’t be sorry… and they’ll be grateful!

3. Respect the space. Make plans in advance.

These shows only have a limited amount of space and chairs available, and it’s deliberately kept small so that the performers and listeners can have a wonderful shared experience. Try and make reservations in advance if possible.