Matthew Larsen and The Documents + Kevin O’Rourke (of Lo Fine) // Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke, MA // Mar. 7, 2015

ticketsbuttonMatthew Larsen and The Documents:

docswithmarkMatthew Larsen has been a member of the vibrant Western Massachusetts music scene for a few decades, attracting audiences with introspective piano rock songs. Sometimes short, quiet and sweet, and other times building into wall-of-sound Hotel-California-like anthems, Matthew’s songs often recall serious health issues (Matthew underwent a stem cell transplant at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston in 2005). Greg Saulmon, Alex Peterson and Mark Schwaber join Matthew on stage to contribute multi-part harmonies and quiet percussion.

Matthew and Greg coordinate the Dark Dining Room House Concert Series. Greg is also an avid photographer, authoring The Birds Downtown and producing news content for a prominent Western Mass newspaper.

ticketsbuttonKevin O’Rourke (of Lo Fine):

LoFinehires6byPetarDopchevOver the past 15 years, Kevin O’Rourke and Co. have been consistently writing and releasing beautiful, literate, contemplative and meditative material that has been described as “committed to the notion that there’s a place for popular music that values the sublime and restrained over the raw and showy.” (Boston Globe). Beginning with the self-titled debut EP in 1999, and the first full length, Nine the following year, Lo Fine has been well received, described as “utterly beautiful alt-country that has earned them a devoted following in New England, where newspapers regularly name them one of the region’s most treasured acts.” (Hybrid).

O’Rourke recently held a well-attended listening party at Montague Bookmill for the vinyl release of “Want Is A Great Need”